Account Management

An account manager with real world business experience.

A person who is hands on involved with your business, with experience and accountability

Your account manager at Extension Group knows what theyre doing when it comes to making money. Simple.

We have very strict guidelines and requirements for our account managers to meet. Our account managers must be a minimum of 35 years old, can display a wide range of real world skills (not just paper qualifications), be able to provide detailed examples of instances where they have turned an idea or basic business model into something successful, and much more. 


We are very strict with our guidelines as our clients, you, are highly dependent on their performance. They are paid a fixed salary, and are paid commissions annually based of the performance of their clients. They make you money, we pay them a commission. They don't perform as well as expected? They are penalized and your refund is deducted from their earning. 

Have a conversation with one of our account managers and see for yourself if you are confident in them as a person to manage the growth of your business.

ExtensionFone, your dedicated communcation line to your point of contact.

Normally reserved for telecommunication spends of $50,000 per month or more (with the major telco's), As an Extension Group client, you are provided a physical phone which has a dedicated and encrypted line to another physical phone on your account managers desk. The phone is guaranteed to never be engaged, as you are the only person who can contact that line. All account managers have a soft phone version installed on their mobile devices to ensure they are still able to communicate with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide this extra service because we don't want to jam your business phone lines and stop potential customers from getting through, and also we want you to know that we are with you every step of the way in your journey to grow your business.