Business Optimisation

Making a good business like yours, better

We can monitor your current sales and customer handling process, and optimize accordingly to assist your business in getting more customers. We can review real customer inquiry calls, your staff members response, and assist in training accordingly.

Simply asking the right question at the right time can increase your sales and output, without increasing costs in any way whatsoever.

This internal analysis can result in a significant increase in productivity and customer acquisition and retention.

Internal Sales Process Optimisation

Supplier Agreement Review and Optimisation

Any supplier agreements you have which are needed to operate your business can almost always be optimized, reducing costs and saving you money. Extension Group and our partners have contacts and agreements in place with all types of suppliers, whether it be products or materials, services or just about anything in many different countries. 

As part of our service we will review your current supplier agreements. Leveraging our network and buying power where available, we can help reduce ongoing costs to take the pressure off your business.

Optimisation of Essential Service Costs

Utilizing our vast network of contacts and suppliers, we are able to assist in reducing the ongoing running costs of your essential services, or possibly help introduce you to new suppliers who can provide you with products and services at a lot more cost effective price than you're currently paying.

Telephone and Internet


We will use our experience as a telecommunications provider to review your services, help cut out products or services not needed, and find you pricing which will reduce your ongoing communication costs. 



 With electricity prices being some of the highest in the world, coupled with the high energy requirements needed to operate a business, there is always an opportunity to have this essential  service cost reduced.

Information Technology


With our network of suppliers, we can reduce these costs, sometimes to virtually nothing. We make our money helping you make money, so we don't bill you for an IT service you dont need.

Deep analysis of your direct competition, reviewing their strengths, weaknesses and indentifying opportunities for your business to succeed.

To be the best at their game, the top tier businesses in your industry have spent millions of dollars researching and implementing intricate and complex methods to help aquire more customers, and grow a very succesful business.

You could invest millions too, or, we can reverse engineer their business and find out what works, what doesn't, and give you the concentrated form of their success to implement in your business. 

Analysis of current economic conditions relevant to you, so you can take advantage of any new opportunities, or avoid any pitfalls.

Extension Group keeps its finger on the pulse with current economic conditions which can affect your business. If a new subsidy or grant is being released by the Government and we think you can benefit from this, we will be all over it. 

If we foresee an economic downturn in the near future, we will have you prepared so you can prosper when others are struggling. 

Medical Centre Website Issues

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Why a Website Is Essential

A website is no longer just a pretty billboard for your existing customers to read more about you. It;s now the way in which you get your customers.