Direct Marketing Assistance

Accelerate the growth of your business with that human touch

Nothing can build a relationship better than a 1 on 1 conversation

When your customers can put a voice to your brand, fireworks happen. There's accountability. There's a human being behind your name. There's an element of trust.

First Impressions Last.

The best of the best sales people hand picked for the first contact with your customers

First impressions last. This is why it's so important that the first contact with your potential customers is done by a professional who knows how to talk to people. The best of the best will speak to your customers like a human being, being informative and easy to speak to, representing your business in a way that will bring you more customers.

Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Strategy is everything, Extension Group are machine gun marketing free

We don't call 100 people to get 1 sale. We aim to call 1 person to get 1 sale. Sound impossible? Sure, we may not get those numbers EVERY time, but we certainly can guarantee we don't get hung up on when contacting your potential clients. How? Because we invest heavily in the strategy used when in the call, before a single contact is made.

Extension Group Direct Marketing

Call Recording for Your Review and Analysis

Extra Curricular Customer Acquisition 

With our roots as a B2B Telco, we have more experience across more industries than any consultancy or marketing firm in Australia

Review calls for new opportunities and see your progress step by step

Intelligent, Relevant Data

Extension Group's Unparalleled Experience

Generate new leads, contact existing prospects or customers, whatever is needed to bring in new business

Sourcing and using only data that is relevant to your business, increasing productivity and conversion rates

Being involved in all aspects of your business, our team will make first contact with your potential clients with the end in mind, being able to capture every possible opportunity.