Medical Centre and Specialists websites in Australia

Common issues with websites in the medical industry

April 28, 2020

Introduction to websites in the medical industry in Australia

This article will outline some of the common issues which relate to websites for medical centres and other medical professionals in Australia. We decided to write this information as we had discovered a lot of these issues when doing market research on which industries we would offer our website design and SEO services to. 

We believe it is very important for medical professionals to have an online presence which represents the same level of professionalism they have in their work, and the reasons why follow.

Problem 1: Poor Design

Medical professionals have spent many years studying in universities to become qualified to be able to practice for the general public, not to mention the many years in real world experience dealing with real patients with real medical issues. With this being said, doctors and other specialists need to spend as much of their time as possible ensuring that they are doing their job properly. If not, peoples lives are literally at risk. So, its safe to say that designing a website is very far down the list of priorities for doctors and medical specialists.

Rewind the clock back to the late 20th century/early 21st century, and most businesses decide that they need to catch up with the times, and get a website for their practice. With medical professionals spending the vast majority of their time doing what they do best, they will almost always outsource this job to someone in IT, or a website design agency. Once the website is up, most medical centres and specialists will leave the website as it is, and feel that they have met their 21st century obligations.

Fast forward to the year 2020, and these websites that were made 20 years ago (or poorly designed only a few years ago by an amateur agency or freelancer) are still the online representation of their practice.

Why is design so important?

The main reason poor design can hurt a medical centre's website is that it simply doesn't reflect the level of professionalism that the underlying practice has. A website in this day and age is the potential patients first port of call when searching for a medical centre online. With over 90% of all business conducted by the general public starting with an online search, it is of paramount importance to have a website that visually reflects the image that a medical centre wants to portray.


From a human perspective, if someone is searching for a medical centre or specialist online, chances are they have been to a doctor before, or have a regular GP. However for some reason, they are looking for a different doctor. It could be because they have recently relocated cities, are not happy with their previous GP, or have a medical issue which they might find is too embarrassing to talk to their regular care giver about. For this reason, having a website that is well designed and inviting to potential patients is very important, so they can feel confident enough in making contact to set up an appointment. 

Poor design also leads to the 2nd problem which we have detailed below, high bounce rates.

Problem 2: High Bounce Rates

The second problem that a lot of medical centres have with a poorly designed website is that they have whats called a high bounce rate. Bounce rate is a metric used which measures how long a user spends on any given website, before ''bouncing'' away, or leaving. If a website is designed well and is very informative, a user will generally spend a lot of time on it, before making contact, or moving on. If the website is poorly designed on the other hand, the used will bounce away very quickly ,as they could not find what they were looking for. A lot of medical centres suffer from a high bounce rate as making their website well designed is not generally their highest priority. 

Why are bounce rates so important?

A high bounce rate simply translates into this: People are searching for a medical centre in their area, come across a website, view it, then leave to look for another. Although a websites design or appearance has no bearing on the qualifications or experience of the doctors at the practice, the general public will normally ''buy with their eyes'', and make a quick judgement of the medical centre based on how their website looks.

Problem 3: Lack of In Depth Content of Service Provided

A lot of medical centre websites in Australia lack in depth information about the services provided. Generally, people who are looking for a medical centre or GP for a checkup wont want to read about all of the different services, they will just want to make an appointment. 

However there are a lot of people who research different medical procedures online before making an appointment with a GP. For these patients, it is imperitive that your website has some detailed information, as they will want to know if you provide the service or not.

Why is content so important?

In depth content is not only important for a potential patient who wants to research the services available at a particular medical centre, but it is even more important for search engines like Google to be able to rank the centres website high in search results. 

For example, if a person in the Sydney CBD is searching online for certain vaccinations, Google will generally provide results for:


  • Medical centres in the Sydney CBD, who;

  • Have in depth information about vaccination services they provide.

Content (among other important factors) plays a big part in how your website is ranked in search results. This is why it is so important to have high quality content on a medical centre website if getting more patients is a desired outcome.

The Solution Offered by Extension Group

Extension Group are well positioned to be able to fix all issues which relate to the online presence of medical professionals in the way of a professionally built and maintained website. This website would help you bring in more traffic, but more importantly, people who are already viewing your website and leaving, they will be more likely to make contact.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us on either by phone or email on our contact page, and we will be happy to discuss your needs.