Affordable SEO for Small Business

Bringing your business and brand to the front of the pack in an ever changing online world

Your Online Presence Is Now Your Biggest Asset

With the advancement in the complexity, size and stability of the internet, coupled with the vast majority of consumers using it as their first point of call for the purchase of products and services, your online presence is by far the most valuable asset your business has. 

If your business does not have an automated customer acquiring website or online platform, it's only a matter of time until your flow of new customers dries up, simply for the fact that, according to your target audience, you don't exist.

Extension Group Online Platform

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Website Design

Page speed and other technical factors are of paramount importance when it comes to ranking in search results

Reverse engineered content and other off page factors to increase your businesses visibility online

Call to Action

Technical Performance

Turn window shoppers into paying customers with the right call to action features on your website

It only takes your customers a split second to make a judgement about your business, based solely on how your website looks

Social Media Platforms



The standard in business online networking platforms, marketing thorugh Linkedin can get your business an unprecedented reach amongst the business community

A platform for individuals and businesses to promote their products and services, Instagram can provide a highly effective stage to present your offering


Connect with a fast growing platform for the sale and delivery of products and services to consumers

Ok, so you're only selling websites and social media marketing, right?



Working with the end in mind, with our work encompassing all aspects of your business with a goal to succeed.

Extension Group deal with all aspects of your business, which means we can get significantly better results than any other SEO, website design, or business consulting agency. 

When helping optimize your sales process within the business, we do so with the knowledge of the industry, your competitors, your financial and work capabilities, time and price in which suppliers can deliver and so on. On the other hand, when building your online platform, we do so understanding your sales process, customer behavior, staff capabilities to take the new contacts and so on. 

To have an agency that solely works in SEO or web design build the most important tangible asset of your business without knowing absolutely everything about how your business operates, how the industry works, what is the most tax effective method to sell your products, how to probe potential contacts for information as to whether they are buyers or not, and actually turning these into paying customers, is commercial suicide. 

Why the Extension Group difference, makes all the difference

Extension Group are different. We won't waste your time talking about the hundreds of different technical factors that come in to play when we develop your online platform. Our approach when talking to our clients is to speak a language you understand, ''how does this make me more money''.

We help your business with everything, from your customers first contact, to techniques to help get them over the line and become paying customers. 

Medical Centre Website Issues

Read here about the different hurdles that medical centres face with their online presence, or website. 

Why a Website Is Essential

A website is no longer just a pretty billboard for your existing customers to read more about you. It;s now the way in which you get your customers.