Why a Well Performing Website is So Important in 2020

In this article, we will go over the many different reasons why its so important to have a well functioning and easy to find website for your business online.

May 08, 2020

Introduction and history of websites for businesses

Over 20 years ago, this thing called the internet was finding its way in more and more homes around the world. People could research just about anything without having to go to a library, speak to a professional, or even leave their home.


As time went on, more and more businesses learnt that it was a good idea to have a website online which explained to their customers what products or services they offered. This new technology back in the day was seen as just another expense, as it only really served an auxiliary function of either looking pretty or giving information to customers which they could have told them over the phone.


Fast forward to 2020, and the reality is that without a well built, functioning website that drives traffic, you are doomed to fail in the near future. This article explains why.

Reason 1: Without a good website, you literally don’t exist to your customers

According to many sources, over 90% of all transactions done in just about all industries start with an online search. Whether you own a bakery, an accountancy firm, a travel agent, or even an adult entertainment venue, when people have a thought, they reach to their phone and start searching.


If your website is not well placed online, as in it does not rank well on Google searches etc, then your potential customers with their ever shortening attention spans will not even see your business on the first page of the search results.


Sure, you might be getting regular customers from those who know your business exists from word of mouth, driving past your physical location, or super expensive paid media advertising you do. But without being visible online, your flow of new customers will dry up completely.


Stop and have a think about it for a minute. No, really. If you are not visible online, and just about everybody searches online for your product or service, how will they possibly use your services or buy your products?


Even more concerning is, if you ask most people who are 30 or under how to find a product or service, I can guarantee you most will not mention through the advertising you’re paying for, the Yellow Pages directory your paying for, or even driving past your business and seeing the sign.

Reason 2: Your website is 2020 is now a tangible asset with real monetary value

Transforming from an auxiliary cost back in the day to an absolute necessity, your website (if it functions in the way of bringing in new customers) is a tangible asset worth real money.


Have a think about it this way: Lets say for example your business provides electrical services, or an electrician. If each ‘’job’’ you do has an average profit value of say $500.00 (obviously some will be less, other will be significantly more), and your website brings in only 1 new job a day, if you multiply that out to 30 days in a month, this website is making you $15,000.00 a month profit (30 days X $500.00 per day = $15,000.00 per month). Annualized, that website is netting you a profit of $180,000.00.


What would you pay for an automated online platform that brings you in a net profit of $180,000.00 a year, year in year out?


When larger businesses acquire smaller ones in 2020, one of the most important factors they look at is how do these smaller businesses get new customers? If all of their customer base is only following the owner of the business around because he is known in the community, and the customers would leave once the business was bought, then the sale price would be a lot smaller. On the other hand, if the customer base was coming through a tangible asset like a website, which had a steady flow of customers who were obtained solely through the website, then that said website would increase the businesses sale price dramatically.


Like the old saying goes ‘’You can have the best product in the world, if you cant sell it however, then its worth nothing’’. This applies to all businesses and their ability to bring in new customers.

Reason 3: Its an accurate representation of your business and the products and services you provide

Once you have the flow of traffic of potential customers, your website will need to have accurate information about what it is your business does exactly. With this information, customers are able to know very quickly if you provide the product or service they require.


This is very important, because if you don’t have in depth and accurate information, sure you might get a lot of customers contact your business, but if they don’t know what you do in great detail, a lot of people will just be wasting your time asking you things that your website should already have told them.

Reason 4: Its your automated sales team bringing you in a steady flow of customers

As mentioned before, its important to have a well positioned, well designed website because it will bring you in a steady flow of customers, without having to pay sales teams to do outbound sales, or pay for advertising.


Using methods such as website design and SEO (search engine optimization), your website will be ranked by Google according to the way people are searching for products and services, along with how well your website has been built.

Extension Group can help

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