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Content Updates

Regularly updating the content on your website tells customers and search engines that your website is always up to date, providing better rankings and user experiences.

Why Update My Website’s Content Regularly?

Updating your website regularly has a few benefits, most which fall into two categories. The first are benefits to the customers who are reading your website, and the second are benefits for your ranking on different search engines.

Benefits of Frequent Content Updates

Every time you update your website and the changes become indexed in Google, the search engine will update your position according to the changes made. Google and other search engines favour websites that are updated regularly, as it shows that you have information that is up to date, and that you are investing time and money into your website on a regular basis. It gives an indication to search engines that you are a business that is not only open, but if you pay a lot of attention to your website, chances are you are very attentive to your customers as well.


If you are regularly reviewing your competitions website and the content they have, you are able to ‘’on-up’’ them quite easily, buy providing more detailed and relevant information than they have. If in a few months you see that your competitors have again updated the content on their website to out rank THEIR competitors, then you can update your content yet again. This regular updating of your content helps ensure that you are always ahead of the competition, meaning it is more likely that your rankings will improve.


Another benefit of regularly updating the content on your website is that you have the opportunity to update the keywords that your pages rank for. For example, you might have a page that ranks for ‘’electrician Sydney’’, which has a lot higher search volume than ‘’Sydney electrician’’. However, if 6 months pass and the search term ‘’Sydney electrician’’ has surpassed all other related keywords for search volume, you are able to update your page and heading tags to reflect this, helping you target the highest possible search volume.

Ready to take the next step?

Contact Extension Group to have an obligation free analysis of your website, and start the journey to more customers and more sales!

How To Get Started on SEO with Extension Group

We have a simple 4 step process which we go through with our customers to get set up to help with their SEO. First, we will have a quick 5 to 10 minute chat about your business and what you are looking to achieve with SEO. Then, we will work out a strategy to be able to achieve these results for your business. From there, depending on the product that you have chosen with us, we will assist with the following steps whether it be build you a new website or update your existing one, and then finally once you are making money from your SEO, you can decide whether or not you want to stay with us.


For more information, click here to view how our process works.

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