Link Building

Link building, or also known as adding backlinks, is an important element of what’s known as off-page SEO. When done correctly and in conjunction with good on-page SEO, content writing, keyword planning and other off page elements, link building can help your rankings improve dramatically in online searches.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process where hyperlinks are acquired from other high authority domains to your website. The legitimate reason that a backlink would be built to your website would be for example a news website writing an article about your business and adding a link in the story to your website. Users that read the story can click on the link to go to your website, and read more about what you do. Search engines also read these links and they help them crawl websites on the internet faster.


More importantly, search engines such as Google will calculate how many backlinks you have to your website, and from what level of authority these links are coming from, to help determine your websites level of authority in any given category.


Why Link Building is So Important

Getting backlinks to your website from other sources without making contact and asking for them is the best-case scenario when it comes to acquiring these. The only problem is, being a small or medium business in a local service area, its unlikely that is going to write a massive article about your business. In saying this, you will need to make contact with various websites that have high levels of authority, and ask them to create these links. This can be done by providing a story about what you do, and they post it, or one of many other methods.




With SEO being extremely competitive nowadays, its of paramount importance that the quality of backlinks that are being linked to your website are of high quality, and from high authority domains. 1 backlink from a high authority domain which is embedded in a well written and detailed article is worth 1000 times more that 100 dodgy links that were purchased off Fiverr.

Why Extension Group for Your Link Building?

With many years of experience with providing SEO services to countless businesses across Australia, Extension Group know exactly what’s required when building links to your specific website, to maximize your SEO returns. With a vast array of contacts across many industries who are able to assist with getting you legitimate and high authority backlinks, along with our white hat SEO methodology, you are sure to out perform your competition with an SEO plan by us.

Ready to take the next step?

Contact Extension Group to have an obligation free analysis of your website, and start the journey to more customers and more sales!

How To Get Started on SEO with Extension Group

We have a simple 4 step process which we go through with our customers to get set up to help with their SEO. First, we will have a quick 5 to 10 minute chat about your business and what you are looking to achieve with SEO. Then, we will work out a strategy to be able to achieve these results for your business. From there, depending on the product that you have chosen with us, we will assist with the following steps whether it be build you a new website or update your existing one, and then finally once you are making money from your SEO, you can decide whether or not you want to stay with us.


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